Top 10 Best Things About Working from Home


I love working from home!

If you’re reading this and you don’t – you are probably jealous. If you are right now saying but it would be lonely…then I would just say you are a little green (with envy).

So this is my top 10 – although at some point I am going to list the 100 best reasons to work from home.

  1. Loads of time with my dogs!
  2. No traffic (and I should add no speeding tickets or driving whilst on the phone tickets!)
  3. No parking tickets, (boy that has saved me oodles of money!)
  4. Packing away all my business suits and wearing my jeans, shorts, PJ’s…
  5. No trying to slip pass the boss late, because problem at the school drop off, kids would not get ready, dentist appointment, sick child, sick parent…..
  6. Exercise at my convenience – now I always fit in my 1 hour walk, 4 times a week  (and I am feeling great!!)
  7. Rotating coffee with the girls mornings – yep 1 melon + lots of coffee and 2 hours of chit chat! The number of girls is growing as they have joined Empower Network and also work from home!
  8. Afternoon tea with the kids – and catching up on their day…yep I am now relaxed and doing a much better job of “Mothering”! We do homework together and even chat!
  9. Able to attend swimming carnivals, athletics carnivals, school assemblies, kids doctors appointments, orthodontist appointments, open days, my own doctors appointments (put them off for years!), my parents doctors appointments – even slipped in a gallery opening and checked out the new dress shop!
  10. Preparing dinner – yep you may thinks that’s a funny one, but rushing in late afternoon with very little in the fridge meant dinner was always a rush. I stressed about providing myself, my husband and the kids nutritional meals. I never wanted to feel guilty about over weight kids with high cholesterol etc etc

So… as much as I loved my job, I am no longer that stressed out, frazzled, guilt-ridden women! I am now on the way to Financial Independence -feeling happy, healthy, fit, relaxed…

What triggered the change? Surfing the net in a moment of despair, “work from home” and $25 dollars. After all, what did I have to lose?

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Teamwork Is The Key To Success

The key to making real money on the internet is teamwork. Without the support of a good team almost everyone will fail to make any money. That’s why I am so excited about this offer – your chance to be part of an amazing team, combined with the amazing money making opportunity Empower Network.


Who We Are And What We Are All About

My name is Ann, I am part of a  great team, and we are all about financial freedom. Our team utilizes empower network blogs and products as our business base.

Not only are the empower network blogs and empower network products extremely valuable, they also give you the ability to quickly start earning 100% commissions. Each product comes with training that will guide you in becoming a stronger marketer. This information and training is priceless and you would be hard pressed to find it anywhere else for such a low cost. You do not have to be an expert – the system is simple and you will be assisted through each step. Learn as you go – whether you are a novice or an expert!

You will learn not only how to use and earn from empower network, but also how to plug-in other systems and programs to earn on an even larger scale.

We Believe In A Philosophy

The Empower Network launched on October 31, 2011 and in the 53 days from launch it has attracted over 13,000 paying members and paid out over $2 million in commissions. According to Alexa, is already the 324th largest site in the US. Pretty impressive, right?

A basic membership to the Empower Network gets you access to the viral blogging platform and it will cost you $25 a month. Essentially, it is a hosted platform for you to blog on, similar to or It fact it uses WordPress on the backend, so it should be familiar to most of you already.

Make Money With Our On Fire Matrix Team

Making Money With On Fire Matrix

To see why it is considered a viral blogging platform, check out my Empower Network blog more closely. Notice the ad in the header, the sidebar ad, and the banner ad on the bottom of the page. It utilizes the Facebook comments system (which is viral in nature) and it has social sharing button everywhere. So if anyone clicks through any of the ads on the page, they get sent through the sales funnel and your affiliate id is cookie’d.

Ok, that’s great. But why should you care?

Because if anyone signs up via your link, you get 100% commissions, sent instantly and directly to your bank account. So if someone you refer purchases a basic membership you will get $25 a month recurring commissions.

Not only that, but the Empower Network uses a tiered commission structure.

You see, the first sale you make goes to you, but the 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th sale after that goes to your Empower Network sponsor (the person who referred you). As you recruit more people to join under you, and these people recruit their own people, you will continually be taking a cut from all the people under you. Over time, this means a lot of money for you.

Empower Network Commission Structure

And it actually gets better…

There are also a couple of upsell products that people can buy. First, there is theEmpower Network Inner Circle, which is a set of audio interviews from members who are already making 6 figures a year. This is a $100 a month. Then there is the Costa Rica intensive training program which is a $3000 seminar that David Wood presented this year. This is an additional $500 one time fee.

If someone you refer purchases all these upsells, then you can potentially earn $625 up front, and $125 a month recurring commissions. And that’s just the products they offer now. There are other products in the pipeline as well which will only increase your commissions.

Now here’s the ingenious part of the system.

You can only get those upsell commissions if you purchase those products yourself. If you haven’t bought the product yet and someone buys it through your link then that commission goes up to your sponsor. So essentially you are heavily incentivised to buy all the upsells yourself for maximum commissions.

Empower Network Blogging Platform

If you don’t know how to blog – here is your chance to learn from the experts.


I Need To Feel in Control!


When it comes to finances do you feel out of control?Need a hand?

Every time you walk to the post box do you feel sick in the pit of your stomach? Will there be another bill? Are you being told don’t worry things will be fine when you absolutely know they won’t be! That is exactly how I felt!

Don’t start doubting yourself! I always knew I was a hard worker, but I had commitments to my kids, my husband, my parents and so forth. There was no time for me, and just a huge pressure to make more money, be better wife, mother, daughter etc.

Could you find 1 hour in your day to devote to making money and improving your skills?

You and I know it is not the first step that is difficult, it is finding where to take it – I know how you feel! I searched the internet for ways to really make money from home.  It’s impossible to sift through the thousands of adverts and blogs. I tried a few – had people ringing me and emailing me for months. This scared me even more!! One man offered to come over and teach me – I felt like running to the door and checking it was locked. I crawled through those online job sites for work from home for months, whilst my situation grew worse.

The answer came by chance and for less than lunch money (the kids lunch money that is!!), I started on my journey to financial independence.  Within 3 months my life had turned around!

Today I don’t live in fear! My kids will tell you I am a much happier person, mum, daughter and wife. I learn, read and write every day – I am even squeezing in exercise time and finally take me time!

Interested? I would love to help you on the road to success! Email me, comment whatever… TAKE CONTROL!!!


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